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Trust But Verify With MyCarPedigree

Do you trust the dealership when they tell you what work they did on a vehicle? Verify with MyCarPedigree. lists the work a dealership has completed on the vehicle you want to buy. Ask your dealer for our Reconditioning History Report and verify the dealerships reconditioning work.


MyCarPedigree Peace of Mind


Dealer Schedules Reconditioning Services
Before you buy a vehicle, A dealership determines what reconditioning needs to be performed, they then schedule vendors to perform these services and we capture that information.


Vendors perform reconditioning on the vehicle according to the dealer specifications, we track all information related to the service and when it is completed.


Ready for Pickup
Now that the reconditioning services are complete the dealer puts the car on lot for you to see, drive, and take home.

Email Updates

Have MyCarPedigree email you alerts when reconditioning is performed or when the vehicle has completed reconditioning.

Know Your Car

Know Your Car

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